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Sexy Latina Ana

2009-Jan-5 - Holliday

Hey everyone,

long time since I've posted something on this blog, I know...
I've been to Venezuela on hollidays for a while, enjoying the beautifull nature, friendly people and last but not least the sun!!! I still can't believe how cold it can get in Belgium :s

Anyway, me and my boyfriend took the trip and celebrated Christmas and New Year at the seaside :-) We had a great time and even met a great couple with who we could 'share everything', if you know what I mean ;-)

Hope you all got off to a great start of 2009, and my good idea for this year is to do more things that I can write about on this blog...

Sweet kisses,


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2008-Nov-26 - Sorry everybody...

Sorry that I didn't post anything on my blog for the past 10 days, but I have been ill.
Right now I feel better, so you can expect some new posts very soon .
I feel more woman than ever and crave a good, long banging .

Hope to meet you on my blog soon!


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2008-Nov-10 - Saturday gangbang day!

Last saturday a friend invited us to a private party he organized. There would be 3 couples (us included) and another 8 single men, so it sounded like great fun :)
Once we arrived my husband and me started socializing with a drink. I noticed the other 2 girls looked both like barbie dolls, really skinny and almost to perfect... I was scared they would break in half during the gangbang ;) The 2 girls also didn't seem to go any further then 5 footsteps away from their husbands, wich is pretty weird if you go to a party like this...

Anyway, after some drinks the real party started and I hooked up with 4 guys around the small table in the middle of the salon. They took off all my clothes and put me with my back on the table, the four of them started touching me, licking me and fingering me till I almost begged them to fuck my brains out. When they finally listened they got in a line in front of my pussy and started to fuck my soaked twat as hard as they could. Man, did I enjoy that fucking! The second guy had a pretty huge dick also, I came 2 times. When they finished they each shot their load over my titts.
When they finished they left, and I was just about getting up to see what my hubby was up to and how the other 2 girls were doing when a guy came sitting on my titts (yes, with his ass in all the cum :)) and shoved his cock in my mouth. I couldn't do anything else then let him fuck my throat, and also didn't want to do anything else ;)  It was a nice facefuck, the guy obviously did that before and he knew what he was doing, letting me spit out some saliva and precum every once in a while and not forcing to hard. While he gave me my facefuck I felt somebody opening my legs and lifting them, then a warm tongue started to lick my asshole wich was a very nice and soft feeling. Suddenly the tongue got traded for a dick wich entered my ass, it wasn't a very big one so it went pretty smoothly and the guy came in about 15 seconds in his condom. A little after that my facefuck-guy shot his whole load straight in my throat. He got off my chest and finally I could get up. The party started one hour ago already and I didn't get a chance to get off that table yet.
I looked around and saw my hubby getting a blowjob from one of the barbies. He looked like he also had a good time :)  I searched the other barbie and suddenly found her sitting on her boyfriends lap. She wasn't doing anything and looked like refusing every guy that approached her. I didn't get a chance to think about it to much, cause somebody approached me from behind and pushed my onto my knees. Immediately most of the guys gathered around me and I started to suck their cocks, as a good slut like me is supposed to do. I didn't make the turns to long as I didn't want them to cum yet. Suddenly I saw the 2 boyfriends of the other girls offering me their cock, and as I started to suck them I could tell by the look on their girlfriends faces that they didn't like it at all. On the other hand I could tell by the moaning of the guys that they didn't mind my mouth at all. I got to my feet, grabbed their cocks and led them to the couch with me. There I told them to give me a sandwich, their girlfriends who followed us (as usuall) were not happy at all, but they banged me right in front of them. They both came pretty fast and also in the condom before they returned to their barbies.
The party went on for another hour or so, but I didn't get out of that couch anymore. Apparently the barbie-girls didn't want to fuck any guy other then their own boyfriend so there was only one real woman there that night. Occasionally they just gave a blowjob to someone and that was it...

The party was a huge success for me as I got fucked by every guy in the room at least once and by most of them more then once. I got some great cumshots and swallowed as much as I could. The only bad thing at the party were the 2 other girls. They clearly didn't understand the concept of 'gangbang' and were not ready for it. They were talking bad about me, were gossiping and called me names like monkeywhore... I hope I never meet them again...

Love and kisses,


PS: Charley, I'll never tell how much he offered, but maybe you can try to guess it...? ;)

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2008-Oct-31 - The real slut I am...

Hey everybody,

Yesterday I really felt like the slut I actually am. I had a pay-date in a hotel with a guy I met for about 5 minutes in a club. He came to me, told me he wanted to fuck me and asked my price. I wondered what I had to do, but then the slut inside of me took control and I named my price. He immediately agreed and my husband and I followed him to a hotel.

Once in the room, he paid my husband and immediately took control. He took off my clothes untill I was naked and then pushed me on the bed. He rapidly took off his clothes and came onto the bed with his cock on the same height as my mouth. As a good slut I understood the gesture and opened my mouth. Without any warning he pushed every inch of his cock inside my mouth, it wasn't that big and I know how to deepthroath, but being facefucked without warning was a new feeling. It actually felt pretty horny, so I just let him facefuck me.

After I spit out several mouthfulls of saliva and precum he took his cock out of my mouth. He put a condom and made me sit on his cock. I rode him for a while untill I felt him cum inside the condom.
When he was finished he pushed me away, got up and put on his clothes. He left without saying a word...

It was a really weird date, and not even a good one. He came to soon and didn't cum over me, but what he did do was threat me like a real slut!
I took a shower and put my clothes back on... Easy money tonight, right?!



P.S: Charley, is this picture better? ;p

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2008-Oct-17 - Surprise from my boyfriend

Hey all,

here is finally the second post on my blog, I hope you've all been looking for to it .
When I came home from my afternoon of shopping, my boyfriend told me he had a surprise for me, he arranged a date for me with X and a friend of X. I met X once before and I can assure you that he fucks great! For me, he is the closest to a black guy that a white man can ever get. As well as in technique as in length .

I jumped into a tight jeans wich I know X likes, put on my white jacket and didn't even bother do wear anything underneath, and off we went. Unfortunately, when we went to the car, it started to rain as you can see in the picture. Good that I had a newspaper with me .

When we got to the house of X he told me the name of his friend and that was it as far as talking goes. We were both so excited about seeing eachother again that we didn't waste any more time and started to kiss and undress eachother immediately. I was so into him that I completely forgot his friend and X had to bring him into my attention with a push when I was already down on my knees ready to take his cock in my mouth .
I got over to his friend, B, and started also to kiss him, while I was undressing him quickly. And man, was I up for a surprise!!! B was really hung like a horse I think I only saw that 2 or 3 times before with a black guy... In the meantime my boyfriend got comfortable on the couch, watching us.
Like a good slut I know my place, wich is on my knees in situations like this, lol. I started sucking B's cock and I still can't believe how that guy filled up my mouth! Usually I deepthroat pretty much everything, but now it was really impossible to do. I went from B to X and back sucking like I could never get enough. In the meantime the one that didn't get sucked started to lick and finger my pussy. I was so wet already and they were so horny that soon I felt X's cock enter into my pussy from behind. I still shiver when I think back, that guy really has IT. He fucked me and I couldn't even concentrate in blowing B anymore, I came loud in a couple of minutes and soon also he finished inside the condom.
Then it was B's turn... I got on my back and spread my legs, X was holding them as he sat with his cock over my head, he held my legs back. I started sucking X while B entered my pussy. I almost never felt more filled up than this time! He slowly pushed his giant piece of meat deeper into my pussy, streching it open, while X held my legs as wide as he could. What followed then was the fucking of a lifetime. It took B over half an hour to cum, in that time he made me cum 3 or 4 times in different positions. I couldn't focus on anything else then getting fucked and pounded by his giant cock, so things got more to a 1 on 1 situation then a 3-some. When B came he did it in style all over my face.

That was the end of the date, not a lot of turns from the 2 guys, but I was completely exhausted after the massive pounding of B. I took a shower there, and my boyfriend took a very happy woman back to our place...

I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed the company of X and B.

Love and kisses,


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2008-Oct-15 - Introduction

Hey all,

I'm Ana, a 34-year old from Venezuela who lives currently in Belgium.
Through this site I want to let you all enjoy my erotic life... Actually, I'm quite the slutty type and I want to try and do as much as I can while I'm alive. And frankly, I'm doing a wonderfull job in that and I'm happy to have an understanding boyfriend who supports me in any way possible.

So, I hope you all enjoy my blog and please feel free to post comments. It doesn't have to be in english...

Love and kisses,


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